• 75% of residents completing the Arlington Life Shelter employment program have prepared a budget and moved into permanent housing.

  • 95% of homeless children are enrolled in day care or school within 72 hours and receive all required immunizations within two weeks.

  • 85% of children who are in the shelter two or more weeks show a 50% decrease in discipline problems.

  • 95% of residents are linked with community services that can assist them in their journey to long-term self-sufficiency.

  • 85% of all residents graduating from the Arlington Life Shelter Program will have completed 36 hours of skill training.

  • 75% of residents without a high school diploma or GED receive counseling on alternative training programs.

  • 75% of school-age children receive 8-10 hours of individual tutoring and computer instruction a week.

Mission & Services

The Arlington Life Shelter provides shelter and support services to help our neighbors who are homeless integrate into society and become self-sufficient, thriving contributors to the community.


Make a Donation

Now more than ever we need your help to continue to fulfill our responsibilities to the men, women and children we serve. We provide keys to success such as food, shelter, health and social services, etc.



To volunteer when the residents are present, volunteers MUST be age 18 or older. This includes food teams serving breakfast or dinner. This is to protect the privacy, safety, and dignity of our youngest residents.


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